This is… the IT company with a difference

for people who make a difference

“The difference is that we are a values driven company. We have a mission: this is putting inspiring and inexpensive Information Technology solutions into the hands of passionate people, good causes, the arts, education and social enterprises.

inIT invests in people. We give you independent advice, help you innovate and become more effective. We integrate website, mobile and office solutions and make it all intuitive and clearer. Education is important to us and we offer to train and guide you so that you become more informed, skilled and in control of your IT.

To find out how inIT can make a big difference for you, head to our enquiries page and tell us what you want to achieve.”

Joe Warren,
inIT founder



...the inIT mission
Having the right information technology is everything. For people high on passion but low on time and budget, the right IT is essential.
The inIT mission is to help people who want to make a difference by: